turning your orbit around

or... the utter enormity of the task



and how we live it.

these past few weeks have been a blur. between a couple day trips to fish the green, an ever accelerating work schedule as the semester winds down, and a last-minute trip back home to illinois (which was initially for very scary reasons, but wound up being really quite lovely), well...

i hardly remember the first half of april at all.

illinois was wonderful. my best friend's dad wasn't doing so well, but now he's doing better; that in itself is cause enough to celebrate. everyone converged home, hushed and scared, hoping for the best. as the week went on, things improved, and we all were able to reestablish the connections that we hold so dear. highlights include:

*whiskey drinks and cigars on porches as the wind whipped across the stubbled spring cornfields.

*poker until one in the morning; the universe dealt tp some sweet cards, allowing the person who needed it most to win that night.

*breakfast at sammy's, the greatest greasy spoon in the state of illinois - kind but weird waiters, an armenian-american cook/owner, and a cast of regulars straight out of a sitcom (if you don't get your american fries with onions, well, that's just foolish).

*holding babies at bp's headstart program - we all needed some baby cuddling.

*down-home wisdom from mimi, 85 years young. example: "the only thing anyone should ever tell white lies about is someone's clothing."

our friends are so important to us. there is a very large part of my heart that will always reside in the vast cornfield expanses of central illinois. we miss everyone already.


At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Tim said...

strange circumstances that only reinforced how incredible my friends are.


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