turning your orbit around

or... the utter enormity of the task


more news and ruminations


* why do people continue to buy chevy suburbans and tahoes, ford expeditions, or - god forbid - hummers?! in steamboat's summer months, an invasion takes place of families who make a pilgrimage here to have their sons and daughters play in these tournaments. every single one of them drives an enormous gas-guzzling SUV. they ought to visit this site before they make their next car purchase.

* why do i love flyfishing so much? etymology, conservation, the pure science of it all - absolutely. but, ultimately, "the tug is the drug," as they say.

* is this the year of the harry potter zeitgeist? i think so. jenn and i are going to see movie #5 this week, and we'll buy the new and final book of the series this saturday (we'll probably have to buy two copies because neither of us wants to wait for the other to finish). if you wanna rock, go here.


* fantastic news, folks! these two wonderful people are engaged! congrats to paul and kathryn! we love you both!

* the colorado DOW has asked anglers to not fish the yampa river, thus instituting the first "voluntary ban" on fishing the yampa since 2002. major bummer - read about it here.

* it's looking like jebus will get to play this event in september, where we will open for this band. we are very excited!

es todo, amigos. hasta la vez!


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