turning your orbit around

or... the utter enormity of the task


tomorrow... we fish!

that funny f*%ker trout is coming down from the 7200 tomorrow morning, and we're headed over to the greatest river in the state of colorado for what will hopefully be a rousing day of "hauling them in," as they say. we'll pick up my buddy bruce in craigamerica on the way. by the way, craigamerica sucks, and bruce will readily admit it. their city website ought to give you an idea of how far behind the rest of the country - nay, the world! - this place really is.

you may be asking yourself, where is this "greatest river in the state of colorado"? i am sorry, but you do not get to know. it is serious business to fish this river. you must be indoctrinated into the cult - there are hazing ceremonies with hoods and flagellation, farm animals, and copious amounts of beer.

just kidding. about the beer part.

link o' the day:

mmmmmmmmmmmm. chee pudding. (that one's for you, kathryn)


beautiful brokendown bukowski

hey folks, i haven't been in the bloggingest of moods lately. between a trip to the telluride bluegrass festival (holy crap is this town gorgeous), and my folks hanging out with us for awhile, it's just been go-go-go. but i did come across a charles bukowski snippet recently on how to be a good writer, from the poem of the same name, and i wanted to share it with you.

"get a large typewriter
and as the footsteps go up and down
outside your window

hit that thing
hit it hard

make it a heavyweight fight

make it the bull when he first charges in"

wow, i really love that.

jebus summer tour dates continue to solidify. here's what we're looking at for the next couple of months:

saturday, july 8th - 2:30 at steamboat's annual art in the park; 10:00 at mahogany ridge

saturday, july 15th - 10:00 mambo italiano

saturday, july 29th - 10:00 downunder bar & grill, winter park, co (yes, we're finally traveling!)

saturday, august 5th - 10:00 mambo italiano

saturday, august 12th - 10:00 downunder bar & grill, winter park, co

more dates to come, hopefully. and next post i'll tell you the crazy story about how we got the winter park gigs.

link o' the day:

winter park is another colorado ski town just under two hours from steamboat. check it out.


the milwaukee art museum. an absolutely breathtaking building. just as cool on the inside. Posted by Picasa

the back stairwell at a very cool milwaukee used bookstore. Posted by Picasa

jenn's gonna be mad i put this up here, but i just think she looks so cute. lunch at the milwaukee public market. Posted by Picasa

the best dog in the whole wide world. Posted by Picasa

i love this picture. christmas 2005. Posted by Picasa

jenn and roberto, christmas 2003. Posted by Picasa

from the 2005 ncaa finals (i hate you north carolina!) Posted by Picasa


five more funky minutes

apparently, i can log back in with my one week visitor's library card. so, where were we? ah, yes - highlights:

*the muehlings came up. love 'em. my best friend's mom and her husband are also two of my best friends. good times.

*that hippy dippy shop on farwell. i love coming out of a store smelling like patchouli incense.

*flipping through used cd bins on historic brady street, followed by a jimmy john's sub (i love you jimmy john, you tubby obnoxious b#*tard).

*have i mentioned lake michigan is gorgeous? you can't see across it - i thought you could. as a result, milwaukee feels like an oceanfront city.

*we saw this guy at the riversplash festival. it had to be one of the most entertaining shows i've ever seen. ever.

*there's a hofbrau german beer house in milwaukee not 4 blocks from the hotel. this beer is good. very, very good. timmy, you lucky chump. you live in the country where this stuff comes from. anyway, we sang polka there the other night after several maibocks and weissbiers.
that's all for now, folks.

five minutes of funk

i have just been informed by my computer here at the milwaukee public library that my session will end in five minutes. for those of you who don't pay attention, jenn and i have been here for a conference of hers since thursday of last week. we leave tomorrow. here are some highlights.

*the milwaukee public market - what scary corporate health food store whole foods market wishes they were in their organic hippy dreams.

*thai food. can't get it in steamboat. you can get it in milwaukee. i'd freeze dry some and take it home with us if i could find some dry ice.

*indian food. can't get it in steamboat. you can get it in milwaukee. this place is awesome.

*the lake is so beautiful i can hardly stand it.

okay, i'm out of time. more to come when i get back to steamboat.