turning your orbit around

or... the utter enormity of the task


bill gates loves jebus

hi folks,

i realize it's been a long time since i blogged, but i just wanted to update everyone on probably the most exciting thing to happen to me in awhile.

through a friend of a friend of a friend (thank you, snooks!), jebus's music has been chosen to represent the city of denver in a national microsoft online ad campaign/contest.

here's the deal - the contest is called
ideawins, and it's geared toward entrepreneurs out there who think they have a great idea for a small business. the contest organizers did a 4-city tour to sample successful small businesses and kick off the contest. denver was one of those cities, and in keeping with the local talent ethos, microsoft wanted to use local bands as background music for the videos they produced in those cities. the videos are now viewable at the ideawins website. as a result of us letting microsoft use our music for free (we wanted to help out a struggling business like microsoft), they're providing a link to our myspace page from the ideawins site.

so here's what you do to check it out:

* go to the ideawins website.

* click on enter the ultimate challenge.

* wait a crapload of time for it to load (for those mozilla users out there, it's a little faster in IE).

* when the goofy guy sitting at the desk comes up on the screen, click on checkout the rv tour in the upper right.

* click on denver on the map.

* the first video should start once it loads. there are 3 other videos on the right. the link to the jebus myspace page is right below the video screen.

in other exciting jebus news, we talked to the guy today who runs steamboat's free summer concert series. he checked out our myspace page, dug our music, and is going to let us open for a big name band this summer. and when i say big name, i mean it. bands who have played this series in the past include
michael franti, los lobos, galactic, matt costa, steel pulse, and others.

it's only a matter of time before jebus goes on a world tour.

we hope.