turning your orbit around

or... the utter enormity of the task


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jebus has a myspace page with 4 of our originals on it. check it out here.

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or type http://www.myspace.com/didvivknow into your browser.

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more new lyrics

this one was rhythmically inspired by an animal liberation orchestra song. don't have a chord progression yet for it, but i'm trying for something rhythmic and funky (timmy, any ideas?).

I never learn but I don’t mind

Fight the light and get out of bed
Try to grab hold of all that shit in your head
Sit up get your feet planted firmly on the floor
Remember what it is that you woke up for
Out the door down the stairs and into the car
The sky’s warming up but there’s still a few stars
Throw the pack in the back and turn on some tunes
Squeeze in somewhere between the sun and the moon
Down the street out of town and over the hill
There’s no breeze and the leaves are totally still
Look down valley at the fields of hay
Think of all the things that you wish you could say
Bugs hit the window and leave a mark
Your points were dirty but now you got a spark
It’s time to strike out for some time of your own
Time to turn off the phone and get some time alone

Looking out for number two
That means you (x2)

Over the pass and down the other side
Take your foot off the gas for that easy glide
Leaves are yellow and the creeks are cold
Neil Young’s still searching for a heart of gold
In a couple of miles you’ll make up your mind
North or south which way to what you need to find
It doesn’t really matter which way you turn
In either direction there are bridges to burn
But there are bridges to build and bridges to cross
Work hard love your girl go easy on the sauce
All you need is just a little bit of time
A few hundred miles and a few dozen rhymes
And in the end you return the same way you went
Dumber and smarter with your heart a little bent
Turn the key walk in through that front door
Determined to end your quiet little war

Looking out for number two
That means you (x2)



folks, we're in huntington west virginia visiting my relatives. i'm ashamed to say that i hadn't seen them in over 11 years, and jenn had never met them. it's been a great experience so far, and we also managed to squeeze in a trip to a national park to meet roberto.

here's a bit about our trip, extracted from an email i just sent my coworkers:

west virginia is beautiful and rainy. we saw the new river gorge yesterday and drove down into it. it was drizzly, and clouds encircled the hilltops and filtered through the bare tree branches, and the river was green like jade. my friend rob and i hopped around on gigantic mossy sandstone boulders and found a sycamore leaf the size of a serving plate. we ate funky wood-fired pizzas at a great little 5-table restaurant and we got to meet his wonderful boyfriend, wes.

jenn has met aunts and uncles and cousins and has really fallen in love with how different and cool this place really is. it's been really, really good to reconnect with my family - they're so kind.

we come back to the hotel after a visit to the places where my family lives in the hills and hollers, and pick mandolins and listen to bluegrass. we drive over the coal trains on the banks of the ohio, and the river barges full of the very same stuff, on our way back and forth between ohio and kentucky and west virginia. even now, in november when everything is pretty much dead, the biomass is astounding - so many plants, so much water, so many critters.

we took a picture of my mom and dad in front of the church they were married in 44 years ago. dad gave mom a kiss on her cheek.


to my loyal readers...

all nine of you:

sorry i've been absent lately, and sorry for the infrequent posting this fall. it has been busy to say the least - i've been saddled with more administrative duties on campus this year, and i've had a record breaking semester for library instruction sessions. but i will post with renewed vigor in the coming weeks.

this morning is the first official day of the CAL conference, and i'll admit...

i am slightly hungover.

my coworker and jenn and i were so happy to be out of steamboat and in the big mad city, we stayed up a little too late and drank a little too much. but, today should be fun, once i feel better - really cool workshops, lots of fun swag from the vendors, and i am with my people.

geeks are cool.