turning your orbit around

or... the utter enormity of the task


cheesing it with mister rainbow. Posted by Picasa

fish o' the summer

folks, what you see above you there is a big damn trout.

in the magazines, you're supposed to get as little of your hand around the fish as possible, and hold it out really far in front of you so that perspective makes it look very big. kind of like this.

i did not do that. but, it is safe to say that the rainbow i am holding in that picture is 24 inches or more.

the biggest trout i've ever brought to net.

i look slightly happy, don't i?

again, i regret to inform you that i am unable to tell you on what river this fish was caught. if i revealed that information, i'd have to kill you.

or at least cut out your tongue.

link o' the day:

i made up a word 90 seconds ago and decided to google it. lo and behold, snoogle is an actual product.

ain't the internet grand?


a couple things

i'll tell you what, people - it's way too f*#king early for this. i'm not done fishing yet!

went to this event in denver on saturday. saw these nobel laureates speak, and it was incredibly inspiring. get out there! do something! donate even just a little bit of your time or money to an organization you believe in!

hope everyone is well. the start of the fall semester continues on at an impressively hectic pace. i'll return to longer posts soon, so bear with me.

link o' the day:

you know that evil looking fish at the bottom of the ocean in finding nemo? turns out they actually exist and they're called anglerfish. is that the scariest thing you've ever seen, or what?


one big rotting mess

hi all.

the fall semester has started, and i'm crazy busy with library resource instruction sessions. i haven't blogged much lately, and won't be for another week or two. but i wanted to pop in and point you all to this story.

it has gone national in a big way (it went out on the ap wire and papers are picking it up all over the country), and is giving the justice system in our idyllic little town a very bad name.

obviously, if you plan on dumpster diving, don't come to steamboat.

link o' the day:

for a 9 second video of us playing at the oak creek dustbowl this weekend, go to our keyboardist's myspace page and scroll down a little ways.