turning your orbit around

or... the utter enormity of the task


the library staff, from left to right: "the dude" from the big lebowski, cereal killer (that's me), yodasaurus, and a ghoulish zombie. Posted by Picasa


a newish song

still no music for it, though.

Held up by Stilts


From quiet to loud

Ripped open like a rain cloud

That house is held up by stilts

Those flowers bloom and then wilt


Machinery roars downhill

Road graders scrape and kill

Metal clangs against the road

A strange and rhythmic morse code


You’ll either follow or you won’t

You either love me or you don’t


Plastic caps and aluminum cans

The detritus of modern man

Thrown from car windows into a ditch

Maybe we were just a glitch


You’ve got a real predilection for dereliction

I wince at its infliction

It’s an overwhelming collection of addictions

That perpetuates your convictions



You’ll either follow or you won’t

You either love me or you don’t


jebus is now floating...

out there in the ether of the world wide web.

our keyboardist took a video cut of one our originals and put it up on youtube a couple days ago. it's an instrumental called "would you like to see my portfolio."

check it out.

link o' the day:

for the entire show (all originals) from that weekend go here and click on the wmv jebus file that's 163 mb. it's huge, so download it overnight when you're asleep (and you may not even want to attempt it if you're still on dial-up).


the days pass time elapsed

the rain is a suggestion
a tickle in the brain
barely visible
almost a mist

it is not a chill rain
but it has stayed for days

the clouds come and go
pass through like
distant friends
resurfacing after years

they slip into the folds
then up and over the mountains

and the river runs
below it all
through town
down valley
surface circles from raindrops
mayfly hatches hovering
returning to the river
spinning dead
disappearing in the swirl
of a hungry trout