turning your orbit around

or... the utter enormity of the task


inactive and uninspired


i have been an inactive blogger the past several weeks. sorry for that. mostly, i have just been feeling uninspired. i am not feeling terribly poetic; not very interesting; and pretty freaking tired most of the time. throw a sinus infection on top of that, and i feel lucky to make it home to the couch at the end of the day.

i was reading some of my earlier posts this morning, from a year and a half ago, and i used to really put some effort into this little page of mine. i want to recapture that, but i am not sure how. so until i can figure that out, this post is just a quick little update on the latest in my life.

* spent the holidays in az with ma & pa willis. shopped some, fished a little, ate some great food, did just one measly hike (dang!), and got to hang with my man robbie dudie.

* jebus played pirates pub on 01-06. we have another gig there on 02-10. and, get this folks, we have a 1 hour original music showcase gig at the buffalo rose in golden on 02-28. it will be the nicest bar we have played by a longshot.

* i have skied more days than i have snowboarded this year, and am getting much better at it.

* i am absolutely dying to fish, but it's not even a possibility around here for quite some time - a week and a half of subzero temperatures at night (and highs in the teens during the day) have the yampa river so full of ice you can't even see running water in some sections.

* p-dudie and i are planning a trip here some time in april. geno, you and gary want to join us? i'll pick you up in laramie.

* i've been tying flies like crazy. my nymph box is filling up, and for once i'm going to be fully supplied for the start of the season - let's hope it comes soon.

that's pretty much it. music, fishing and skiing occupy my brain during the winter doldrums.